Who is LGHALT?


We are a loose affiliation of residents of the Lake George Central School District (LGCSD) concerned about quality education and steadily increasing school taxes.


We are your neighbors: parents, businesspeople, retirees and other residents, all trying to not be forced out of their homes by skyrocketing taxation.


 LGHALT is concerned about and seeks solutions for these 8 LGCSD challenges:

  1. Delivering a quantifiable top-level education for our kids.
  2. Providing the above in a cost-efficient manner to reduce the tax levy.

  3. Staff contracts: negotiated with taxpayer or teachers' union in mind?

  4. Lobbying and intimidation of students &/or parents by school staff. Need a staff Code of Conduct.

  5. Lack of BOE transparency and avoidance of quorums. BOE board meeting minutes should be available for public scrutiny.

  6. Lack of full board participation.

  7. Property Tax Cap budget squeeze and possible need for consolidation.

  8. Lack of innovative LGCSD BOE thinking.  

"Those who advocate for higher taxes and more spending are usually the ones who benefit disproportionately from them."

It's time for a change. 



Diane Matthews, Phil Ostrom, John Kearney, Peter Brothers and Friends